wire China 2016: Asia's largest event of the wire industry is to be splendid held from 26 to 29, September!

As we entered into 2016, 12 groundbreaking editions of wire China has already taken place. As the most influential trade fair in Asia’s wire industry, wire China 2016 will once again be held at the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai in the duration from 26 to 29, September 2016. The organizers are excited to bring you a one-stop trading platform showcasing the wire industry’s cutting edge products, technologies, and solutions from a new perspective.

Associated with "China Fastener info", the well-known media in the fastener industry, the organizers will launch the "Fastener Shanghai Special Zone" in Hall E4. They are committed to open up upstream and downstream channels to create a one-stop sourcing platform for fastener products, manufacturing equipments and raw materials

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